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General Questions

Arab Suppliers Co is a business unit of GN Group, a leading producer and supplier of products for the construction industry in United Arab Emirates.

Our Principal area of operation is Dubai. Additionally, we continue to perform work on key projects In United Arab Emirates as well as in other Gulf Countries

Arab Suppliers Co was founded in 1982.
With over 31 years of experience in concrete construction services, we have built an unmatched reputation.
We provide our customers with Various Products:
  • Ladders
  • Scaffoldings
  • PVC & Concrete Spacers
  • Anti Corrosion Tapes
  • Rubber Moulds
  • Aircraft Decking Systems Etc.

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Company Brochure

A comprehensive overview of ARAB and all its Divisions.
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Business Hours

Alquoz Branch- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Deira Branch- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Nasser Square Branch- Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tapeit Industries- Sharjah, United Arab Emirates Abu-Dhabi Branch- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Qatar Branch- Doha, Qatar